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maison Blanche

Are you an individual?


Your lawyer accompanies you for any issues related to your real estate property:

  • Are you about to sign a purchase agreement and want assistance in understanding its implications before signing?

  • Are you facing difficulties in the execution of your purchase agreement and need guidance? (questions regarding suspensive conditions, withdrawal period, immobilization indemnity, etc.)

  • Do you need advice or wish to take legal action following the signing of a deed of sale? (questions regarding hidden defects, easements, the wording of the deed of sale, etc.)

  • Are you in conflict with your neighbors?

  • Are you facing issues related to property division (usufruct/bare ownership), co-ownership, or your property rights in general?

  • Are you a landlord experiencing difficulties with your tenant?

  • Are you a co-owner facing difficulties with the condominium or your property management company?


Your lawyer is here to assist and advise you in advance, or to represent you in case of a legal dispute.


Are you a professional?

Are you a real estate professional, a real estate agency, or a property management company?


Your lawyer supports you in all legal matters related to rental and condominium management, including legal monitoring, consultations, negotiations, and litigation.


A customized subscription system is available to ensure your security and peace of mind in handling your cases.

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