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Are you an individual?


Your lawyer is by your side for any issues related to construction:


  • If you have had a house built or work done, and you have noticed defects or non-compliance?

  • If you have acquired a property under construction or have entered into a contract for the construction of an individual house and have identified defects or non-compliance?

  • If you are facing an abandoned construction site?

Your lawyer accompanies you in all these issues, from the amicable stage to expertise and litigation.


Are you a professional?


If you are a real estate developer:

  • Do you need assistance in drafting your contractual documents related to the execution of construction projects? (General and particular terms and conditions, construction contract, formation of consortia, etc.)

  • Are you experiencing difficulties related to the management of companies involved in the construction site (abandoned construction site, bankruptcy, failure to address reserves, payment issues, etc.)?

  • Are you being implicated by a buyer in the execution of a property development operation?

  • Do you want assistance in the legal procedures related to the addressing of reserves?

  • Are you experiencing difficulties related to insurance issues?


If you are a construction company:

  • Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship main contractor / subcontractors?

  • Are you being implicated in the execution of your works?

  • Are you experiencing difficulties related to insurance issues?

Your lawyer assists you in various matters, including contract drafting, negotiation support, preventive and litigation expertise, amicable procedures (insurance expertise), legal actions, etc.

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